Super Excel Compare

Super Excel Compare 1.2

Useful tool bundle to complement your Microsoft Excel projects

Super Excel Compare is a set of tools specifically designed for Microsoft Excel that offers excellent file comparison features. Super Excel Compare also includes group sum, blank row adding, and record merging. This useful tool bundle can save you lots of time by quickly comparing data sums; no more manual comparison between spreadsheets. Super Excel Compare is an independent tool. Once you've finished your projects with Microsoft Excel you can use our useful set of tools as a complement for your tasks. This tool supports both XLS and XLSX formats so that you can compare between both types of Excel spreadsheets. Choose between different comparison options such as text, numerical format, formulas, rows, columns, and keyword comparison. You can specify group fields and add them to the original projects by using colors to differentiate between new and old data. Super Excel Compare is extremely useful whenever you need to compare two different documents.